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“XOXO Gossip Girl…”

First it was Chuck, then OTH and now Gossip Girl has come to an end. Monday night, the series said goodbye with no disappointment, even with some last-minute bombshells, just the way GG knows to. It was time for the show to end but after 6 seasons of gossip, drama, secrets, betrayal, tears, romance…it’s sad to let it go. It was a flawless ending to this story and it’s safe to say we feel satisfied with it.

Once again, with no doubt, Alexandra Patsavas and her staff at Chop Shop have done an outstanding job and made sure this finale had the ideal music to it. We’ve listened to their choices throughout the whole show and not once have failed.

The following songs are featured on the last episode and are just an example of the greatness on a good and powerful soundtrack, a representation of a job well done and the statement that music matters…


Ain’t no sunshine…

Originally by musician Bill Withers on 1971, this song has been covered many times by great artists such as Michael Jackson or Neil Diamond. It became a breakthrough for Withers, reaching the top charts on the US.

The following cover, from 90’s British duo Lighthouse Family, was featured on the popular film ‘Notting Hill’, staring Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts.


One of the good ones..

After watching last night’s Rookie Blue, I’ve decided to post these two songs featured in the show. As the episode itself, they’re both quite sad but completely appropriate and worth it…

Songs that stick around…

Lets get back to soundtracks for a moment. Some of you will remember this song from the famous show The OC, which may I say, had a brilliant soundtrack. They made it so easy to remember the songs, listen to them  for hours and replay them in your head 24/7. It was an incredible and perfect selection for every single episode.

So today,  I chose American band Matt Pond PA with their single ‘Champagne Supernova’, featured in quite a unique episode you surely can’t forget…


It is a fact guys, a truth we can’t avoid…

In times of study, you really appreciate having music around to help you deal with it and make it more bearable. At least I know I do. But who am I kidding, it ends up distracting you and making you browse for more. One thing leads to another, time has passed and you find yourself on the 20th search for a song or way deep into YouTube and its addictive videos. We can’t help it, studying sucks, specially on these sunny and hot days when we should be on the pool instead. One song, or better yet Rookie Blue’s soundtrack, brought me here. So I guess I’m done with study for today, damn.

Anyway, don’t think I brought you this load of my mind without a song, no way. Today’s turn is English singer-songwriter Newton Faulkner, known for his unique style on guitar playing. After an accident, he said “I’ve been put back together again by humans”. So we can still enjoy his music but for now, lets stick with one of his first singles…

Quite upbeat…

Do you guys remember 80’s film ‘Beverly Hills Cop with Eddie Murphy’? Well, the following song performed by American R&B band The Pointer Sisters, was featured on the second part…

Chill out with Sia…

Apart from being a good show, it seems Rookie Blue also has a great soundtrack. Thanks to it, I’ve been listening to Sia lately, and today, I’m bringing you another one of her songs, but don’t worry, not so slow this time…

“A word does not say anything, and at the same time it hides everything”

From the soundtrack of brilliant film Man on Fire, I bring to you Cuban singer Carlos Varela and such beautiful, tearful and heartfelt song that made many of us cry and shiver…

“The one-hit Wonders”

The following song comes from the film ‘The Wonders’, which is set on the 1960’s and tells the story of the success and fall of a rock band. It was the first film Tom Hanks wrote and directed. Soon, both the film and this song became a hit and were well known all over.

If this is the first time you’re hearing about it, go check it out! You’re in for a treat…

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