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Prosperous journey ahead…

He is a British singer-songwriter from Staffordshire who signed to Turn First Records at the age of 21. Dan has only released two singles till this day, but both great and well received among listeners…


This is the first day of my life…

They’re an American Indie-Rock band from Nebraska founded by singer-songwriter Conor Oberst. He started out with this project by himself, presenting on 1998, the first album with label ‘Saddle Creek Records’, co-founded by one of the band’s future members.

Since then, they’ve been a three-man band who often collaborate with other artists releasing nine albums till this day…

“Now I know…”

‘The One AM Radio’, is a project created by composer and songwriter Hrishikesh Hirway. He does his own recording with various beats and instruments in the form of different genres such as folk and electronic. The following song was written for the film ‘Save the Date’.

Metronomy it is…

They’re an English electronic band formed in 1999 with three albums released so far. This is ‘The Look’, one of their latest hits…

“An excellent offering”

She’s a 33-year-old singer-songwriter from New Zealand who started her solo career on 2008. In just 4 years, she has managed to win several awards and make her way through the music world with such succesful singles like ‘Paris is Burning’ and ‘My Delirium’.

With the release of her second album ‘Anxiety’ earlier this year, I present to you the wonderful and awesome Pip Brown, better known as Ladyhawke…

Kinda different…

I haven’t been posting much lately, but hopefully, that will change and I’ll try to bring you the good stuff more often. Just heard this song with three artists we’re quite loving these days. Hope you enjoy it!

She’s definitely something…

I’ve been listening to this single for some days now and can’t get enough of it. Her name is Lykke Li and she is a Swedish singer-songwriter. In her music, she blends different genres in a really unique and succesful way.

She started out in 2007 with her EP ‘Little bit’ and has been rising ever since. Check out these two versions of ‘I follow rivers’, both very good…

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