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“That is a recording voice…”

She’s a twenty-six year old British singer-songwriter from Liverpool who came to stardom when she participated on The X Factor. Although she didn’t win the final, she got something much more precious. She had been signed by a record label which later became a joint record deal with Epic Records.

She released her debut studio album called ‘Heaven’ on 2011, featuring genres such as soul, blues, pop and R&B. Its success was so immediate, that she’s even been compared to her biggest influence, ‘Queen of Soul’, Aretha Franklin…


Succumb to the Cat Power…

Charlyn Marie Marshall, best known by her stage name, Cat Power, is an American singer-songwriter from Atlanta who started out on the early 90’s.

At the age of 20, she moved to New York and got the inspiration to perform in public. She describes her first shows as “more improvisational”. Marshall was later discovered opening for acclaimed artist Liz Phair, where she would officially begin her music career, recording her first album.

Last September, she released her ninth studio album which has been described as “a passionate pop album of electronic music filtered through a singer-songwriter’s soul”…

Ain’t no sunshine…

Originally by musician Bill Withers on 1971, this song has been covered many times by great artists such as Michael Jackson or Neil Diamond. It became a breakthrough for Withers, reaching the top charts on the US.

The following cover, from 90’s British duo Lighthouse Family, was featured on the popular film ‘Notting Hill’, staring Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts.


Cause it’s a free bird you cannot change…

The following song is without doubt one of my favourites. It’s the longest song this band has done and it also has one of the best and famous solos of all times. Many have played it throughout the years but nothing says awesome like these guys.

They’ve been through good and tough times since the band was first founded in the early 60’s. In 1977, three members died in a plane crash, putting an end to their successful years and Lynyrd Skynyrd as we knew it.

Although the surviving members re-formed in 1987 with former lead singer’s brother and have been playing ever since, it will never be the same.

Now, the only remaining member from the “Noble Five” is Gary Rossington, the only one who really knows what once was…

“Good music is timeless”

To some, this song remind them of Moulin Rouge, to others, of the 70’s and the amazing singer who wrote it and first sang it. No matter how many covers there are, no matter how many years go by,  this first one is worth remembering…


No disappointment on Jools Holland…

Ok seriously from all the songs out there and all the possible covers someone can do, I was definitely not expecting this groovy/soul cover from The White Stripes’ ‘Seven Nation Army’.

I didn’t even know this guy existed till I saw him on Later with Jools Holland the other day and now I know he’s a french soul writer whose music I should check out right now.

Oh and btw, if you haven’t seen that show ever, you should cause the bands on there, kill it! And besides, there’s always new stuff to add to your playlist so it’s a win win…

Giggling her way to the top…

I love anything this woman sings, from her most sad tunes to her upbeat happier ones, cause she didn’t just write about her pain ok? I know sometimes it seems that way but there’s more behind it all. I mean have you seen her live? She’s like a 23 year old woman with a little girl inside that apparently comes out 24/7. Don’t you just love her?

Either if you’re studying, trying to relax or walking down the street with whatever your apple product is, there’s always time for Adele.

Anyway, I was in an Adele mood so I bring two songs you probably know by now and if you don’t, look, today is your lucky day and you’re learning something new…

Just the perfect fit…

I remember listening to this song for the first time on the show One Tree Hill 9 years ago and actually getting goosebumps. I mean, I was already liking the show and to hear this song as the theme, killed me (in a good way of course). I was sure from that moment on that OTH would have an amazing soundtrack and would never dissapoint.

I was right…

Hallelujah is the word…

No matter how many songs you get to know or how many you get to play, there’s just some which will always be in our minds, coming back from time to time and reminding you why you love music this much. 

Billy Joel once said: ” I think music in itself is healing. It’s an explosive expression of humanity. It’s something we are all touched by. No matter what culture we’re from, everyone loves music “

Well, The OC brought me this song, and now it’s time I bring it to you…

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