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A match made in heaven…

There really is not much I can say about this two yet, other than the fact that we’re facing a perfect combination. Marie Moreshead and Doctor Rosen Rosen are a very promising American duo formed in 2012. Together, with her sensual voice and his brilliant production/instrumentals, they bring a profound and soothing sound, which makes us listen over and over again…


Peeking on a debut…

They are a post-punk revival band formed in 2008 who started by releasing two EP’s and later on, their first studio album ‘Passive Me, Aggressive You’,  a complete success in many ways. Their single ‘Young Blood’, which I posted earlier on, is probably the band’s most popular track and their debut, starting on New Zealand and soon, worldwide.

The following, is the third single from the album and like ‘Young Blood’, it has been featured on many shows and commercials…

The hard work has paid off…

American singer-songwriter from Tennessee Drew Holcomb and his band The Neighbours, have been playing together since 2005. His wife, Ellie Bannister Holcomb, also plays alongside him in the band and helps with the singing and songwriting. Together, they bring a succesful result, which keeps gaining more and more following over the years.

Their upcoming and sixth album ‘Good Light’, set for its release later this month, is the outcome of a new stage on Drew’s life. While the past albums were written with the help of others, this one is mostly Drew’s thoughts and personal experience, throughout which he “explores the universal need to find meaning and joy in the midst of heartbreak and disappointment”.

“With this album I’m telling my story, in the hope that it helps other people tell theirs…”

How does it feel being someone else’s secret…

I fell in love with her music the moment I listened to her single ‘Where I stood’ from her second album. This Australian singer-songwriter was influenced by the best of the best in the musical industry of the 80’s and 90’s. She started writing music when she was 13, using lyrics as a way of expressing her feelings and emotions.

Till this day, she has released three albums with quite a few succesful singles and has won numerous awards including nine ARIA and two APRA. She made her acting debut as Annie with the film Bran Nue Dae and would consider future projects but she’s not interested in pursuing acting as a career…

“XOXO Gossip Girl…”

First it was Chuck, then OTH and now Gossip Girl has come to an end. Monday night, the series said goodbye with no disappointment, even with some last-minute bombshells, just the way GG knows to. It was time for the show to end but after 6 seasons of gossip, drama, secrets, betrayal, tears, romance…it’s sad to let it go. It was a flawless ending to this story and it’s safe to say we feel satisfied with it.

Once again, with no doubt, Alexandra Patsavas and her staff at Chop Shop have done an outstanding job and made sure this finale had the ideal music to it. We’ve listened to their choices throughout the whole show and not once have failed.

The following songs are featured on the last episode and are just an example of the greatness on a good and powerful soundtrack, a representation of a job well done and the statement that music matters…

Take a Walk with Passion Pit…

They’re an American alternative Indie-Rock band formed in 2007. The following single, from their latest album released on the past July, hit number 5 on the top alternative chart.

Best part of me…

After a couple of weeks, I’m back with St Leonards, an Alternative-Rock band from Australia. With the release of their new Ep ‘World Alone’, the following song has been featured already on the new CW series, Beauty and the Beast, making quite an impression on us music listeners around the world…

Succumb to the Cat Power…

Charlyn Marie Marshall, best known by her stage name, Cat Power, is an American singer-songwriter from Atlanta who started out on the early 90’s.

At the age of 20, she moved to New York and got the inspiration to perform in public. She describes her first shows as “more improvisational”. Marshall was later discovered opening for acclaimed artist Liz Phair, where she would officially begin her music career, recording her first album.

Last September, she released her ninth studio album which has been described as “a passionate pop album of electronic music filtered through a singer-songwriter’s soul”…

Just Imagine Dragons…

They’re an Indie-Rock band from Las Vegas formed in 2008. They released their first studio album ‘Night Visions’ on September and their song ‘On top of the world’, is currently the theme song for new show ‘Partners’…

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