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“XOXO Gossip Girl…”

First it was Chuck, then OTH and now Gossip Girl has come to an end. Monday night, the series said goodbye with no disappointment, even with some last-minute bombshells, just the way GG knows to. It was time for the show to end but after 6 seasons of gossip, drama, secrets, betrayal, tears, romance…it’s sad to let it go. It was a flawless ending to this story and it’s safe to say we feel satisfied with it.

Once again, with no doubt, Alexandra Patsavas and her staff at Chop Shop have done an outstanding job and made sure this finale had the ideal music to it. We’ve listened to their choices throughout the whole show and not once have failed.

The following songs are featured on the last episode and are just an example of the greatness on a good and powerful soundtrack, a representation of a job well done and the statement that music matters…


It is a fact guys, a truth we can’t avoid…

In times of study, you really appreciate having music around to help you deal with it and make it more bearable. At least I know I do. But who am I kidding, it ends up distracting you and making you browse for more. One thing leads to another, time has passed and you find yourself on the 20th search for a song or way deep into YouTube and its addictive videos. We can’t help it, studying sucks, specially on these sunny and hot days when we should be on the pool instead. One song, or better yet Rookie Blue’s soundtrack, brought me here. So I guess I’m done with study for today, damn.

Anyway, don’t think I brought you this load of my mind without a song, no way. Today’s turn is English singer-songwriter Newton Faulkner, known for his unique style on guitar playing. After an accident, he said “I’ve been put back together again by humans”. So we can still enjoy his music but for now, lets stick with one of his first singles…

Farewell One Tree Hill…

How to say goodbye to nine years of something that has been there every step of the way. With its ups and downs, a story that has influenced so many lives. Surely it has made a difference in mine since as Lucas would say “Your art matters, that’s what brought me here”.

It seems like it was yesterday when this show started. I’m sure everyone remembers the first scene with Forty Foot Echo’s ‘Drift’ on the background. It took me just one episode to realize I would love that show and certainly, the music that came with it.

As I said on an earlier post, listening to Gavin Degraw’s ‘I don’t wanna be’ as the theme song gave me goosebumps cause it was just the perfect fit, and then listening to it again in this last episode gave me the same feeling but also, the feeling of nostalgia, remembering those past moments.

The talented cast and crew have made it possible to keep us watching, to make us laugh on the funny moments, to make us cry on the sad ones, and to make us enjoy and cherish every single moment of this story.

I thought of this post as a tribute to an amazing show and to give to those OTH fans something to hold on to, along with the memory already engraved.

I’m sure you’ll remember the story, the characters, the places and the words they used like what Lucas wrote about Peyton in his book, words like “Believe that dreams come true everyday, because they do” or “Make a wish and place it in your heart…do you have it? Good, now believe in it, with all your heart”.

I mean who doesn’t remember the famous Julius Caesar quote used over and over: “There is a tide in the affairs of men. Which, taken at the flood, leads on to fortune; Omitted, all the voyage of their life is bound in shallows and in miseries…”

I could be talking about the show for hours but what can I say to all you fans that don’t already know. We’re glad this show was created and thank everyone on the team, specially those who above all, stayed throughout the whole journey.

Instead of posting every song featured in the last episode, I decided to choose some from the hundreds heard throughout the show:

The final words, the final song, the last goodbye…


Watching the cast singing this song all together was one of the best ways to close the show…


And some which really say One Tree Hill…

And many more…

Discovering new artists…

I bring  to you all music fans around the world some of the best, really good and genuine stuff from bands I recently discovered thanks to Chop Shop Music, one of the awesomest music labels out there.

They have a music supervision team which is in charge of the soundtracks you listen to on some films and on the other hand, there is Chop Shop Records which bring up new, creative and undiscovered artists. Music supervisor Alexandra Patsavas, also known as one of the creators of Chop Shop, was my inspiration to expand my music knowledge and  to never stop listening. 

Check out these and more great bands such as Mackintosh Braun, Anya Marina and so in their blog.

The power of a good soundtrack…

There are really good soundtracks out there. Many times, it is what makes a single moment be great. It is not an easy job to know which song is the perfect one to choose but somehow, music supervisors get their job done. They have the power of conveying a situation throughout music, of making the viewers think ‘ Wow how do they know which one to choose? It is the perfect song for this scene’.

A scene can be great in its own but if the soundtrack is right, it transmits so much more and you learn to appreciate the importance of music. Films, Tv shows, videogames…sure there are a lot and you may easily forget about them, but if the soundtrack is really that good and it gets you, you’ll definitely remember them.

Here is a list of some films and tv shows with a great soundtrack:


High Fidelity

August Rush

Pulp Fiction

Good Will Hunting

I’m not there



One Tree Hill

Journey to the 80’s…

This decade was very influential on every genre. Well known artists such as Guns N’ Roses, Dire Straits, The Cure, Madonna, Prince, Queen, Bruce Springsteen, Iron Maiden and Metallica, created some of their best work and made it all the way through to the top charts.

Michael Jackson’s Thriller was considered and still is one of the best-selling albums ever made. Thriller, is the video with the highest budget in the music industry. He became the most succesful artist of the 80’s.

The late 80’s were the opening for succesful comebacks from bands like Aerosmith or Alice Cooper, which started in the 70’s.  Some bands were getting started, others were at the top of their game and others couldn’t make it, but overall, the 80’s were the best years for most of the artists we now call music legends.

Someone once said…”Music is enough for a lifetime, but a lifetime is not enough for music”

From the oldies to the 21st century, this blog will be the place for the ones for whom the music changes their lives everyday,  and for the lost souls who forget to believe in the inmensity of music.

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