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January 2013

Cause good music never gets old…

A while back, I posted about this band and how much I loved listening to them. It is a project formed by Damian Katkhuda in 2008 and their first album, ‘Don Your Suit Of Lights’, was released in 2009.

Damian and producer Will Worsley experiment with different styles and genres, tackling whatever instruments they can find and use, to make an incredible record.

Now, with the soon to be released second album, I stumbled across the first single of this long-awaited offering, promising to be a flawless result…


How does it feel being someone else’s secret…

I fell in love with her music the moment I listened to her single ‘Where I stood’ from her second album. This Australian singer-songwriter was influenced by the best of the best in the musical industry of the 80’s and 90’s. She started writing music when she was 13, using lyrics as a way of expressing her feelings and emotions.

Till this day, she has released three albums with quite a few succesful singles and has won numerous awards including nine ARIA and two APRA. She made her acting debut as Annie with the film Bran Nue Dae and would consider future projects but she’s not interested in pursuing acting as a career…

“It’s Nice To Be Alive”

Ball Park Music is an Indie Rock/Pop band from Australia formed in 2008. Their name was first given to frontman Sam Cromack’s solo work before he met with the rest of the members and started playing together.

They’ve released two albums and the following song is from their first one called ‘Happiness and Surrounding Suburbs’…

“Now show me something pretty…”

He is a thirty-five singer-songwriter from Colorado who started writing songs since he was a teenager. Patrick has numerous EPs and three full-length studio albums. His songs have been featured in shows such as The OC, which used his single ‘Life is a song’ as the series finale song…

“Park is an inheritor of the Elliott Smith melancholy mantle, with a less edgy and more traditional bent, and one of the great heartbreaking voices working in the acoustic singer-songwriter world today.” – LA Times

It is time to be happy…

“One day baby, we’ll be old
 Oh baby, we’ll be old
 And think of all the stories that we could have told”

One more year has gone by and I wonder…Did we do everything we wanted? Did we even try or didn’t even bother? Check your resolutions for this new year and if possible, try to make every wish on your list come true. Don’t be lazy, seize the day, try new things and don’t give up on what you think would make you happy.

“Approach the New Year with resolve to find the opportunities hidden in each new day” – Michael Josephson

Happy 2013 everybody! Hope you make the most of it…

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