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October 2012

What about the Midnight City…

They were formed on 2001 and got their name from spiral galaxy Messier 83. They’re a French electronic band with six studio albums who throughout the years, has been experimenting with different genres and getting into some 90’s Shoegazing...


Why don’t you just Free Your Mind?

They’re an American R&B female band formed in 1989. Considered one of the most popular all-female group of all times, En Vogue, has won many awards and Grammy nominations.

The following song, from their second album ‘Funky Divas’ was released on the early 90’s, being one of their most succesful singles…

Succumb to the Cat Power…

Charlyn Marie Marshall, best known by her stage name, Cat Power, is an American singer-songwriter from Atlanta who started out on the early 90’s.

At the age of 20, she moved to New York and got the inspiration to perform in public. She describes her first shows as “more improvisational”. Marshall was later discovered opening for acclaimed artist Liz Phair, where she would officially begin her music career, recording her first album.

Last September, she released her ninth studio album which has been described as “a passionate pop album of electronic music filtered through a singer-songwriter’s soul”…

Just Imagine Dragons…

They’re an Indie-Rock band from Las Vegas formed in 2008. They released their first studio album ‘Night Visions’ on September and their song ‘On top of the world’, is currently the theme song for new show ‘Partners’…

Ain’t no sunshine…

Originally by musician Bill Withers on 1971, this song has been covered many times by great artists such as Michael Jackson or Neil Diamond. It became a breakthrough for Withers, reaching the top charts on the US.

The following cover, from 90’s British duo Lighthouse Family, was featured on the popular film ‘Notting Hill’, staring Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts.


“The Mediocrity of Perfection”

The following Mexican singer-songwriter, started out in 2008 with the release of her first album ‘Mediocre’, soon nominated for many awards including the Latin Grammy Awards among them.

After such success, producers and herself, decided to make a second album which would contain ten songs from the thirty-five she wrote.

This song was the first single from the latest album…

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