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July 2012

Kinda different…

I haven’t been posting much lately, but hopefully, that will change and I’ll try to bring you the good stuff more often. Just heard this song with three artists we’re quite loving these days. Hope you enjoy it!


The big big bang…

They are a record production-songwriting team who have written songs for many top pop artists of the moment. The following song, was released in 2010 and was sang by one of the members of this group called Rock Mafia.

Incredible how the mind works…

Most of the songs I’ve heard of this band came out of the show One Tree Hill. I’ve said on an earlier post that one of my favourite soundtracks, without a doubt, is the one on that show. It features so many bands it is almost impossible to keep count but it is amazing how, by listening to one song, you can remember the exact scene it belongs to.

So listening to this band, reminded me of their past work and some great songs they’ve done. A band we’ve known since the 90’s with their ‘Maybe Tomorrow’, ‘Bright Red Star’, ‘Dakota’ or ‘Have A Nice Day’, only today, I’m bringing you one of their latest upbeat singles…

Mood for sappiness…

Tonight, for those who are a bit mushy and just want to chill, stay at home and put on a good movie, with the box of tissues right beside you of course, here is the perfect song with Canadian singer Emily Haines & The Soft Skeleton…

Songs that stick around…

Lets get back to soundtracks for a moment. Some of you will remember this song from the famous show The OC, which may I say, had a brilliant soundtrack. They made it so easy to remember the songs, listen to them  for hours and replay them in your head 24/7. It was an incredible and perfect selection for every single episode.

So today,  I chose American band Matt Pond PA with their single ‘Champagne Supernova’, featured in quite a unique episode you surely can’t forget…


“You have to actually put in the work as well, to get a good outcome”

She’s a 16-year-old British artist who’s been performing songs from well-known artists we already like and admire. She’s made quite an impression and has succeeded covering these singles from Cherry Ghost, The National to Bon Iver and few others.

Her self-titled album ‘Birdy’ was released on 2011 and includes some of these covers as well as one of her own songs. At her young age, she’s able to express so deep emotion and make one song, her own. This pure and powerful voice, has only seen the beginning and has yet so much to offer…

Quite a curious band…

They’re unique for their use of four-part vocal harmonies. With another song of this American indie-rock band, here we go again with The Rescues…

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