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June 2012

It is a fact guys, a truth we can’t avoid…

In times of study, you really appreciate having music around to help you deal with it and make it more bearable. At least I know I do. But who am I kidding, it ends up distracting you and making you browse for more. One thing leads to another, time has passed and you find yourself on the 20th search for a song or way deep into YouTube and its addictive videos. We can’t help it, studying sucks, specially on these sunny and hot days when we should be on the pool instead. One song, or better yet Rookie Blue’s soundtrack, brought me here. So I guess I’m done with study for today, damn.

Anyway, don’t think I brought you this load of my mind without a song, no way. Today’s turn is English singer-songwriter Newton Faulkner, known for his unique style on guitar playing. After an accident, he said “I’ve been put back together again by humans”. So we can still enjoy his music but for now, lets stick with one of his first singles…


Quite upbeat…

Do you guys remember 80’s film ‘Beverly Hills Cop with Eddie Murphy’? Well, the following song performed by American R&B band The Pointer Sisters, was featured on the second part…

Chill out with Sia…

Apart from being a good show, it seems Rookie Blue also has a great soundtrack. Thanks to it, I’ve been listening to Sia lately, and today, I’m bringing you another one of her songs, but don’t worry, not so slow this time…

She’s definitely something…

I’ve been listening to this single for some days now and can’t get enough of it. Her name is Lykke Li and she is a Swedish singer-songwriter. In her music, she blends different genres in a really unique and succesful way.

She started out in 2007 with her EP ‘Little bit’ and has been rising ever since. Check out these two versions of ‘I follow rivers’, both very good…

May I say Sade…

After a few days, I’m back with a voice from the 80’s. Originally born in Nigeria, this British singer-songwriter, became the frontwoman and lead vocalist in the well-known Grammy Award winning band Sade.

Solo performances of ‘Smooth Operator’,  drew attention to record companies, being Epic Records the one which finally closed the deal.

With two of her most popular and acclaimed songs, here she is, one of the most succesful solo female artists in British history, Helena Folasade Adu, better known as Sade…

“This is my last resort”

This is a bit of a change from earlier posts but I’m all for different genres so why not post this?

Today, right from California,  I bring you a song I also heard many years ago and I liked, and this week, I was reminded of it…


What do we stand for?

Fun is back! Kicking ass more than ever with this powerful new single ‘Some Nights’ and their official video, filled with amazing visuals and image of conflict and comradeship.

For quite a while we’ve been listening to their succesful song ‘We are young’ and as much as I like it, it was time to hear something new…

Gloomy mood coming right up!

Time to slow things down with this beautiful and sorrowful song from Sia’s album ‘We are born’.

This, by no means, is a happy song but I don’t know, I love it, I’m addicted to it, I can’t stop listening to it and it is a song worth sharing. So empty your mind, listen to it and try not to shed a tear…

“And don’t it feel good”

Such a good vibe this song. It has everything to make you dance, smile and forget about any worries, sadness or problems you may have. Being this band’s first U.S top 40 hit, this 80’s song was, is and will be a great song to remember.

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