For those who still haven’t heard of her, let me just say, she has a really kick ass voice. I mean so young and be able to sing like that is such a privilege some would definitely kill for. Who knew she could sing like that right?

She appeared on the show The Voice for the first time and surprised everyone, not only with her voice, but the young and sweet human being it was coming from. Her humility and innocence made her talent even more admirable, and together with country singer Blake Shelton, she grew stronger towards the finals.

Being the most young and inexperienced singer on the show, Xenia has managed to amaze all the viewers and give hope to those teenagers all around the world who believe they’re not good enough or aren’t ready to show what they’re capable of.

So, leave whatever you’re doing and listen to her first single, Sing you Home, and one of the best covers I’ve heard of Billy Joel’s Vienna…