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December 2011

You got it…

If you’re looking for a song to bring up the mood I have exactly what you need with today’s song…


London brings it…

Did I really wait this long to post about the amazing Florence? At this point who doesn’t love her music? I mean, whatever your mood is, she just has the perfect song for it.

And of course, without the band, all this wouldn’t be possible. You immediately know if you’re listening to a Florence and The Machine song cause musically, they’re unique, really powerful and don’t resemble any other band.

If you think their first album is just all you need, don’t be stupid and check out Ceremonials, which is just as badass as the first and maybe even more so…

New bands kicking ass…

Just the point I made earlier on a post, it’s amazing the importance of music on a show, movie, etc. You only have to listen to realise that it might just be exactly what the scene needs to be great.

Of course there is a lot of songs on every single episode, but the outstanding ones are the ones that stick, the ones that make the loop song list, the ones that show you there is still so many music out there, the ones that give you the awesome new band you were hoping to find and the ones that happen to be perfect for whatever your emotions are in that moment.

Happened the other day with Hart of Dixie and now,  I bring to you from Glee’s latest episode, this new band just formed three years ago and really worth listening to…

Featuring Janelle Monáe…

Featuring Panic! at the Disco…

Such a good vibe…

I just watched the last episode of cwtv’s new show Hart of Dixie and bumped into this amazing song from a band I’ve never heard before called The Lumineers and just loved it so check it out…

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