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August 2011

Speaking from the soul…

I bring to you an amazing voice, an amazing woman who speaks from the heart, and throughout the  music, reaches into our souls,minds,hearts and fills them with emotions…


World of a King…

From Boys & Girls soundtrack, I bring to you ‘World of a King’ by David Mead.

With a little bit of help…

From a good fellow and music lover, I bring to you an awesome american rock band which was formed in the 90’s and still keeps kicking with the first release from the upcoming album.

Keeping up with the soundtracks…

First time I listened to The Mostar Diving Club was in the film Waiting for Forever and just loved them. As I said on an earlier post, the right choice of  music is what makes a scene stand out and  this band’s songs, made their point.

Their songs have a unique sound filled with different genres and many instruments, from a simple guitar to accordions, banjos or recorded orchestras.

A band worth listening to.

Discovering new artists…

I bring  to you all music fans around the world some of the best, really good and genuine stuff from bands I recently discovered thanks to Chop Shop Music, one of the awesomest music labels out there.

They have a music supervision team which is in charge of the soundtracks you listen to on some films and on the other hand, there is Chop Shop Records which bring up new, creative and undiscovered artists. Music supervisor Alexandra Patsavas, also known as one of the creators of Chop Shop, was my inspiration to expand my music knowledge and  to never stop listening. 

Check out these and more great bands such as Mackintosh Braun, Anya Marina and so in their blog.

A song to remember…

From The OC’s soundtrack, I bring to you an amazing song which is and will always be my favourite…

At the moment…

Two great songs from two different genres

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