There are really good soundtracks out there. Many times, it is what makes a single moment be great. It is not an easy job to know which song is the perfect one to choose but somehow, music supervisors get their job done. They have the power of conveying a situation throughout music, of making the viewers think ‘ Wow how do they know which one to choose? It is the perfect song for this scene’.

A scene can be great in its own but if the soundtrack is right, it transmits so much more and you learn to appreciate the importance of music. Films, Tv shows, videogames…sure there are a lot and you may easily forget about them, but if the soundtrack is really that good and it gets you, you’ll definitely remember them.

Here is a list of some films and tv shows with a great soundtrack:


High Fidelity

August Rush

Pulp Fiction

Good Will Hunting

I’m not there



One Tree Hill