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July 2011

From Chuck’s soundtrack…

From a great show to an amazing soundtrack, Chuck has it all. It’s filled with comedy,action and drama but most important of all, it has one of the best soundtracks I’ve ever heard. Each song fitting perfectly with every scene and making the best out of it.

It’s hard to choose but here I bring to you a preview of  what to expect musicwise…

…and so much more awaits on Chuck.


The power of a good soundtrack…

There are really good soundtracks out there. Many times, it is what makes a single moment be great. It is not an easy job to know which song is the perfect one to choose but somehow, music supervisors get their job done. They have the power of conveying a situation throughout music, of making the viewers think ‘ Wow how do they know which one to choose? It is the perfect song for this scene’.

A scene can be great in its own but if the soundtrack is right, it transmits so much more and you learn to appreciate the importance of music. Films, Tv shows, videogames…sure there are a lot and you may easily forget about them, but if the soundtrack is really that good and it gets you, you’ll definitely remember them.

Here is a list of some films and tv shows with a great soundtrack:


High Fidelity

August Rush

Pulp Fiction

Good Will Hunting

I’m not there



One Tree Hill

A little bit of salsa for the body…

Getting back to the Oldies with Etta James…

From the 1960’s, here is another icon of soul music. She worked with many artists such as BB King and also became an influence and inspiration for others like Christina Aguilera or Beyonce.

It takes time to get there…

A band exposed…

After Kurt Cobain’s death, Nirvana’s drummer, Dave Grohl, decided to start from scratch and create an album all by himself. He named it after what he decided would be the band’s name, Foo Fighters. That’s how it all began.

Although he was able to build a one-man project, it was clear he needed a band and so he started recruiting one where he would be the lead singer.  Bassist Nate Mendel, guitarist Pat Smear and drummer William Goldsmith were the members he needed to complete the band.

Throughout the years, some members left and were replaced by others, making it difficult to continue with it. At one point, they became a three member-band, then four again and finally, former guitarist Pat Smear rejoined later on making it a five-member band.

After 17 years of ups and downs, effort, concerts, winnings and 6 succesful albums, Foo Fighters keep bringing it with their last release, their seventh album, “Wasting Light” , which probably it is the most hardcore album they’ve ever made.

The perfect way to know them, is by watching their recent film/documentary, “Foo Fighters Back and Forth”, their history right from the start.

Journey to the 80’s…

This decade was very influential on every genre. Well known artists such as Guns N’ Roses, Dire Straits, The Cure, Madonna, Prince, Queen, Bruce Springsteen, Iron Maiden and Metallica, created some of their best work and made it all the way through to the top charts.

Michael Jackson’s Thriller was considered and still is one of the best-selling albums ever made. Thriller, is the video with the highest budget in the music industry. He became the most succesful artist of the 80’s.

The late 80’s were the opening for succesful comebacks from bands like Aerosmith or Alice Cooper, which started in the 70’s.  Some bands were getting started, others were at the top of their game and others couldn’t make it, but overall, the 80’s were the best years for most of the artists we now call music legends.

Having a tough day? Maybe this will help…

A little bit of Nina to start with…

I bring to you a true icon of American music, the queen of soul… from 1965, a song which captivated hundreds of people and still keeps doing it…

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